Struggling to sell your home? Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy...


What could be more demoralising than having your property on the market for months, or longer? Lack of interest doesn’t necessarily mean your property isn’t sellable, it simply means that your approach may need to change in order to maximise exposure and generate more interest. The following considerations may change your luck for the better!


Re-style your home

Presentation is a critical factor in achieving a successful sale. Why risk underselling your home when you can invest in simple changes that may influence the likelihood of selling fast and securing the highest possible sale price. If your property appears move-in ready, a positive response is more likely to be evoked. Ultimately, you want to highlight the positive features of your home rather than draw attention to the potential flaws, doing so will leave buyers with few reasonable reasons to justify price negotiation. Styling can involve: 

• Decluttering and depersonalising your home.  

• Focusing more on the presentation of key rooms e.g. bathroom (s) and kitchen.

• Rearranging the existing furnishings and accessories. 

• Employing a professional home stylist who will remove the majority of the existing belongings and refurnish/decorate the space with hired items.


Refresh your marketing campaign

The purpose of a marketing campaign is to attract interest from prospective buyers, to do so it is important to create a point of difference. If you find that the current promotional material for your property is dull and tired, consider refreshing your marketing campaign. 

• Rotate the order of your photos and adjust the hero photo (the shot people first see).

• Capture photos during the day and evening, see which accentuates more positives. 

• Update your property description, be creative in content and approach. 

• Invest in premiere ads, according to premiere properties receive 15 times more views and 8 times more enquires than a standard ad. 

• Send out digital and/or traditional paper brochures. 

• Advertise on different platforms to reach a wider audience e.g. social media. 

• Vary your tactics and see which strategies are well-received. It is important to carefully consider who your target market is, as this will influence the approach of your marketing campaign. 


Adjust your selling price

The price tag of a property is one of the most influential determinants when selling. If your selling price is set too high, your property may spend an extended amount of time on the market or worst-case scenario, not sell. If the price is set too low (below market value), you may miss out on maximising the selling price. Researching and comparing similar properties in nearby areas will help determine whether your asking price is realistic and in line with the rest of the market. 

The selling process can either be stress free and lucrative or tense and disappointing. For the best possible results, consult with a reputable real estate agent who can support and guide you through the process of selling, one that is determined to eliminate any stress or complexity and can advise you accordingly.  


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