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Ironfish VIP - Exclusive offer before project launch market...


Ironfish provides national VIP property opportunities with pre-negotiated deals on a range of property types.

Every Ironfish Approved Property has been through an intense due diligence process to ensure investors have all the information required to make solid investment decisions.

VIP and Pre-Public Opportunities
Ironfish approved properties are carefully selected, extensively researched and pre-negotiated. As one of Australia’s largest investor networks, Ironfish investors receive preferential access to many of Australia’s best properties before public release.

Detailed Research
Ironfish searches nationally for premium investment opportunities in the most dynamic locations, which show great potential for capital growth and consistent long-term rental returns. Our comprehensive selection process includes different, proven selection formulas for houses, apartments, townhouses and villas.

Quality Properties
Investors don’t have to waste time sifting through inferior investment opportunities: Ironfish typically rejects the majority properties it analyses. Astute investors know many of the best new properties are offered to the general public only after other VIP purchasers.

Turnkey Investments
Ironfish coordinates everything required for a property’s long-term success and ease of management so that properties are turnkey and as hassle-free as possible.

Which property selection process is best for you?
Ironfish recommends investors accumulate a portfolio of different types of property that includes a mix of convenience-focused properties (apartments) and land-focused properties (houses and townhouses).

Our approach differs significantly to the average investor strategy.


With a network of thousands, Ironfish investors naturally receive preferential access to many of Australia’s premium new properties before public release. 

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