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EQ Tower 7 September 2018 Incident. A man appears to have fallen...


A man appears to have fallen to his death in the early morning of 7 September 2018 at EQ Tower. Police officers who arrived to investigate suspicious behaviour of five people outside the building confirmed the death. Click HERE to read more.


As the investigations continues, we wish to take this opportunity to reassure our clients that our office operates under strict company policy when it comes to application processing. Nuisance to the neighbouring occupants or disruption to the quiet enjoyment of the other residents will result in breach notice and eviction action. Our corporate stay entity – IFSTAYS is also committed to these policies and has imposed a strictly no-party policy with the long-term corporate clients. 


We encourage our owners to attend or sign proxy forms for our company to attend to the future Owners Corporation AGM to discuss the security of this building. Please click HERE to download the proxy form.


We, Ironfish Real Estate team take pride in our work and the global brand. We will continue to strive for the best when it comes to providing high level of service and protecting the best interests of our value clients. Transparency and honesty in our communication with our clients are one of the key factors that we promote in our service. This is evident as reflected by our decision to provide more platform such as PropertyTree Message Centre for more interactions between the clients and our office as well.


If you have concerns on this matter or your investment related enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 03-88423001 for further discussion.

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