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Residential Tenancies Act Update (Passed On 6 September 2018)...


On 6 September 2018, the proposed amendments to Residential Tenancies Bill have passed the Parliament. The amendments include more than 130 reforms designed to increase protection for the renters, while ensuring the owners the rights who provide the rental housing can still effectively manage their investments. For more information, please click HERE to download the full document


The commencement date of this Bill has not been confirmed yet. During this period, there will be consultation and discussion on the regulations which will be aligned alongside the legislation. This process may take up to 18 months. The current Residential Tenancies Act 1997 will remain in place for the time being.


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2018年9月6日 已经议会审议通过




Ironfish 亚太地产团队,为我们的工作和身为一全球性品牌而感到自豪。并为提供更高水准的服务和保护客户的最佳利益方面,我们将持续努力。

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