Smoke alarm compliance required. All states in Australia have strict legislation...


All states in Australia have strict legislation relating to smoke alarms in residential rental properties.


Legislation as set out in the Building Regulations 2006 and the Practice Note 2006-7 Building Commission states residential rental providers must ensure their rental property is fitted with the correct number of working smoke alarms which are properly maintained and tested in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

In all cases, a person who does not comply with the smoke alarm legislation is guilty of an offence carrying financial penalties. According to some insurance product disclosure statements, non-compliance to current smoke alarm legislation could result in rejection of claims or reductions in the insurance payout in the event of a claim.

It is your legal responsibility to ensure all State and Federal legislation associated with your investment property are complied with. The maintenance required is outside the expertise of property managers as it must be completed to rigorous standards.

The residential rental provider is responsible to ensure that smoke alarms are installed and maintained in all rental properties. To protect you from fines and potential litigation, we must obtain proof in writing that your property complies with current legislation

Should you prefer to use an external contractor for the servicing of your smoke alarms we can recommend Smoke Alarm Solutions. They will attend your property as often as necessary during the year to ensure your property remains compliant throughout the year for $99.

Additional benefits include:

  • Free replacement and installation of all alarms required for compliance (including hardwired alarms)
  • Service, clean and test all existing smoke alarms
  • Unlimited service call-outs for beeping or faulty smoke alarms and lease changes
  • Only install photoelectric alarms
  • Free 9 volt battery replacements at each visit, if required
  • Compliant reports issued outlining the property’s compliance and other relevant smoke alarm information

This service can be cancelled at any time by contacting our office or directly by advising Smoke Alarm Solutions.

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